Tailgating Map


The Tailgating Policy (University Policy 706, Alcohol Beverages – Appendix III) can be found on the legal website.

  1. All tailgating regulations apply in this area as in other areas on campus. Requirements listed below, in addition to the Tailgating Policy, apply to the 49ers Student Tailgate Village. 
  2. Due to proximity to other tailgating areas, music/amplified sound is limited to portable sound systems intended to cover a 15x15 area. Live performances/DJ’s are not allowed.
  3. No charcoal grills are permitted.
  4. No structures, including, but not limited to, stages or wooden emblems are permitted. Flags are permitted.
  5. Each assigned tailgate spot will be provided with at least one 10’x10’ or 20’x20’ tent. No other equipment will be provided. 
  6. Groups who are assigned a tailgating space in the 49ers Student Tailgate Village and who do not use it will forfeit reservations in the 49ers Student Tailgate Village for future games within that season.
  7. Any violation of the Tailgating Policy, the 49ers Student Tailgate Village regulations, or institutional policy may result in termination of tailgating privileges (requestors/groups and/or individual(s)), criminal prosecution, and/or disciplinary action through the Office of Student Conduct if the violator is a UNC Charlotte student or group/organization.
  8. A member of the group must check-in upon arrival and will be directed to the appropriate space. Groups must check-in no later than 1.5 hours prior to kick off and utilize their reserved space at least 1 hour. 
  9. All loading and unloading of vehicles must take place at the 49er Student Tailgate Village entrance by the Belk Hall circle. No stopping, dropping off, or picking up equipment or people is allowed anywhere along Craver Blvd. 
  10. Groups that wish to return their belongings to their cars before the game must do so by kickoff. Groups may leave belongings at the 49ers Student Tailgate Village during the game at their own risk. 
  11. Tailgating is prohibited after the completion of the game. All belongings, including trash, must be removed from the 49ers Student Tailgate Village no later than two hours after the completion of the game.

For additional information or questions, email 49ertailgate@gmail.com.